Welcome to New Yorkers for Responsible Lending. We’re a coalition of more than 160 organizations from all corners of New York State that promotes economic justice as a matter of racial and community equity through legislative and policy advocacy, popular education, media advocacy, and organizing campaigns.

Top Priority:

Pass Consumer & Small Business Protection Act (S.795/A.7138)


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The Thousand Dollar Insurance Penalty: How Insurance Companies’ Credit Scoring and Zip Code Rating Push Rates Up for Safe Drivers in New York (Consumer Federation of America, 4/26/23)

Report Finds New York Drivers Pay Far More for Auto Insurance Solely Based on Their Credit Scores and Black and Latino Drivers Face Steepest Price Hikes (CFA/NYRL News Release, 4/26/23)

How Credit Scores and ZIP Codes Can Make Car Insurance Much More Expensive for Some New Yorkers (Consumer Reports, 4/26/23)

Policy Briefing on Improving the Fairness of NY Auto Insurance Pricing  (video)


Black Lives Matter

New Yorkers for Responsible Lending condemns the continued violence against Black people in the United States, perpetrated by police, white supremacists and systemic racism.  We mourn with families of recent victims, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the many others whose lives matter, but are simply too numerous to name.  As New Yorkers, we remember the killing of Eric Garner at the hands of NYC police and support the recent repeal of Section 50-a of New York’s Civil Rights Law, so that police disciplinary records will no longer be hidden from the public.  We stand in solidarity with the millions of Black people subject to racial oppression and violence and, with them, we demand justice.

As a coalition of organizations committed to economic justice, we recognize the structural racism endemic to this nation’s financial system. It has extracted wealth from communities of color, permitted income inequality, and produced the racial wealth gap.  Specific practices like redlining have deprived communities of color access to essential financial services, such as banking and insurance. Discriminatory lending practices and predatory lending aimed at poor Black and Brown communities extract wealth from economically struggling communities, lead to housing foreclosures, educational inequity, income inequality and continuing housing segregation.  We are committed to the fight for equality, dedicated to justice, and resolve to effect true change.  We recognize that without racial justice, there is no economic justice.