Organizations:  Endorse Coalition Auto Insurance Sign-On Letters here

Policy Briefing on Improving the Fairness of NY Auto Insurance Pricing

The Thousand Dollar Insurance Penalty: How Insurance Companies’ Credit Scoring and Zip Code Rating Push Rates Up for Safe Drivers in New York (Consumer Federation of America, 4/26/23)

Report Finds New York Drivers Pay Far More for Auto Insurance Solely Based on Their Credit Scores and Black and Latino Drivers Face Steepest Price Hikes (CFA/NYRL News Release, 4/26/23)

How Credit Scores and ZIP Codes Can Make Car Insurance Much More Expensive for Some New Yorkers (Consumer Reports, 4/26/23)

The Secret Score Behind Your Rates:  How a Credit Score Affects the Rates You Pay for Auto Insurance (Consumer Reports, July 2015)

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